Maria Mason

is Irish and has obtained a Master in Nutrition and Dietetics more than 20 years ago in France and has recently specialised in the Biochemical and Physiological Foundations to Fundamental and Nutritional Medecine in 2018 (micro-nutrition). Counsellor in Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP and Brief Therapy since 2009, she is also specialised in Eye Movement Therapy (HTSMA), AMPR® and TAT® for accompanying trauma.  Maria has also followed courses in coaching and brief psychotherapy (psychopathology, dream analysis, transactional analysis, sophro-analysis, systemic psychotherapy, strategic drawing…)

Maria has worked in numerous companies in France… finances, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, hotels, publicity, sport, research… Her passion for social well-being brought her to take up evening studies and finally full-time studies to go deeper and deeper into the understanding of the human mind and body. She now considers her past experiences as an opening to the understanding of people even more in their every day life and an opportunity to work with insertion groups, companies and schools also.


The Consultations


In a reassuring and humain atmosphere, and thanks to your own implication, you’ll learn gently and surely to let your own subconscious ressources emerge and nourish you and/or learn how you can optimise your health by learning how to take care of yourself. She may ask you numerous questions in order to guide you towards your desired goals. Meetings are planned in the practice or by skype or telephone in English or in French.


Ethics of the Practice :

  • All information disclosed in the practice is kept confidentiel except if there is a danger for you or others.
  • You will never be advised in the life choices that you make.
  • You will be accompanied towards autonomy and not towards a therapeutic dependency.
  • Sessions will never replace a medical follow-up and therefore the practice is not orientated towards healing.
  • You will never be advised to stop a medical treatment or follow-up and you will never have any diagnostic of your medical and/or psychological health.
  • Your religious and spiritual beliefs, the colour of your skin, your nationality, will be completely respected.
  • Follows a deontology and regular supervision for the work in progress.
logo-arche-hypnoseCharter of l’Arche

Deontology code of l’Arche


Academy of Research and Knowledge in Ericksonien Hypnosis

Member of the French-speaking Assication of HTSMA and of the National Hypnotherapy Syndicate (SNH). The practice follows the deontology of the SNH.

Maria Mason is neither a Doctor, a Psychologist  nor a Psychiatrist.